Video Shoppe
Video Shoppe has been around since 1989. In the summer of 2000 we released our Windows version.
Video Shoppe is not only for Video Rentals, but can do Point of Sale, Tanning, computer shops, bulk email to your customers, and much much more. Be sure to check out this fantastic piece of software.
We use Prospector every day here at VMT. It is the application program that we've written and used for the last 23 years that has kept us in business.

It also interfaces directly with Video Shoppe or Best Seller so you can transfer prospect information to your customer file after the sale. Then, you can use Prospector to track any support calls or scheduling for that contact or customer.

You won't find anything that integrates this well with a Point of Sale program anywhere or is as easy to use!
Is your application software driving you mad!
Try Application Software from VMT!
Digital Wrench
The thing about application software written by VMT is that it runs and runs and runs. Be sure and try the demo's today to make sure you don't miss out on some fantastic application software.
Digital Wrench processes work orders, maintains history of work orders, tracks income, maintains inventory and tracks employee hours and much more. For a complete list click on the Features Button.

Work Order Application Software for Automotive repair shops, Transmission shops, Tire shops, Truck repair shops, Mufflers repair shops, Boat Repair,

School programs or anyone that needs a work order program.
Auto Repair Software
Application Software
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